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Recognized by the American Angus Hall of Fame as the best breeder of Aberdeen Angus in all of North America. Shane Baghai’s finest prize winning Aberdeen Black Angus cattle and steers are pasture raise and grain finished in the rolling grasslands of Paradise Farms in the Erin, Caledon and Mount Forest area, just north of Toronto.

  • Zero Tolerance Approach
  • Philosophy of Pasture Roaming
  • Finest quality beef cattle & steers
  • Revolutionary concept of passion
  • Cater to our exclusive specialty markets

The nurturing of professional hands and veterinary care, a zero tolerance approach to the use of growth hormones, and the philosophy of pasture roaming are the key factors that lead to the superior quality that is expected from Shane Baghai, and provided by Paradise Farms. Paradise Farms is a revolutionary concept of passion and forward thinking, raising some of the finest quality beef cattle and steers in North America. Shane Baghai’s visionary perspective is deeply rooted in sustainable urban and farming communities harmoniously integrating as one. Always searching to ensure optimum quality, Shane Baghai has employed expert advice to genetically improve the livestock in a natural manner. The end result being the production of pure bred Angus cattle of the highest Grade.

Beyond raising some of Canada’s finest Aberdeen Black Angus Cattle, Paradise Farms also rears cattle that cater to our exclusive specialty markets and most discerning customers. The Italian Chianina, a rare breed, produces what is world renowned and considered the finest steak on the planet, true Florentine Steak. Scottish Highlands, hardy and rugged, are kindred of their native Scottish Highlands, a majestic and beautiful breed that produces leaner, yet equally delicious cuts of beef. Originating from France, Charolais is a magnificent breed that caters in particular to French cuisine lovers. Lastly, Paradise Farms raises Japanese style of the highly prized Wagyu cattle, producing Paradise Kobe, a true delicacy with superb natural flavor, due to its tenderness, and wellmarbled texture.

  • The quality and taste of Paradise Farms beef is incomparable to any other in Ontario, and even possibly Canada. I love that their cattle is raised right here in Ontario, and without the use of added hormones and other harmful chemicals. I can confidently grill up some burgers on the weekend for my family and friends and be sure they’re eating the best of the best.

    Ryan S.

    Bolton, ON
  • I picked up some burgers for my Labour Day Weekend BBQ (an annual tradition) from Paradise Farms Boutique and I think PF has officially become a necessity to the tradition. My friends were raving about how good the burgers tasted and how juicy the meat was. I’ll definitely be back to pick up some more soon. Maybe I’ll have to start using my bbq through the winter so I can enjoy them all year round.

    Sebastian D.

    Mississauga, ON
  • I recently visited Paradise Farms in Caledon and the beef greatly reflects how the cattle are treated. I met Rob, one of the farmers, and he gave me a quick tour of the farm and explained that the animals are free to roam and graze wherever they’d like on the farm. That’s not something you hear everyday. The humane treatment of Paradise Farms’ livestock really shows me how much care is put into ensuring these cattle are raised in the best way. I questioned (maybe more like interrogated, sorry Rob) Rob about what the animals are fed, and he assured me they only ate a balanced mix of grains, vitamins, and minerals, which makes me feel I’m making the right choice when I eat PF beef.

    Paul W.

    Brampton, ON

Paradise Farms is a testament to quality and rarity on Canadian soil.

Shane Baghai

Real Estate Mogul turned Farmer

When Shane Baghai purchased Paradise Farms in Caledon back in 2008, it wasn’t to expand his luxury condominium development, but rather to provide Canadians with the Paradise Vision: humanely raised and artificial growth hormone-free beef.

The concept of Paradise Farms came about when Baghai’s wife, Marnie, was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, Thankfully, she is now in good health, but at the time, her doctors suggested she abstain from eating North American beef since cattle raised here are typically injected with artificial growth hormones to make them gain weight faster. Baghai purchased the farm to change the way North American beef is produced.

Paradise Farms beef is reared using humane farming techniques, including a zero tolerance approach to the use of growth hormones and only allows pasture roaming, so Canadians can be sure they’re feeding their families the highest quality of100% Canadian beef.

The Paradise Vision is not to become Canada’s largest cattle farm, but to ensure that all Paradise Farms cattle is raised steroid-free and as humanely as possible so you can provide the best beef for you and your family.